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Strategy Through Execution

Opportunities to Serve You


Assistance in entry to federal market

- Navigation of the federal government contracts and grants marketplace to provide critical information and insights into procurement processes, protocols and regulations.

target opportunities

Develop strategies and approaches for pursuit of specific contract actions while positioning firms for success. Leverage federal laws, regulations, policies and guidance.

"beyond the border" growth opportunities

Determine and assess firms' international growth potential and opportunities.

Assess readiness and positioning

Due diligence on firms’ infrastructure, operating sytems, past performance and capabilities to pursue federal government (prime and subcontract), international and commercial opportunities.

facilitate engagement

Identify opportunities to engage prospective customers including federal agencies in meaningful conversations to develop and further relationships and gain mission and operational insights.

financial analysis and restructuring

Provide financial analysis and restructuring services for special situations, non-performing or under-performing assets and firms which necessitate an independent review. The financial analysis consists of a number of assessments including financial modeling, cash flow maximization strategies and scenario analyses. 

analyze and develop actionable strategic plan

Assessment of firms’ strategic plan to address the federal government, international and international markets.

assess firms' investment viability

- Review firms' financial health and readiness to secure capital infusions and identify capital sources.  

Board of Directors

Serve as an independent board member to provide confidential advice, recommendations and effective oversight.